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Solutions offered by Accent Biotech

Leveraging our knowledge helps us to successfully develop new solutions for our customers in emerging fields of Textile wet processing. We work closely with customers to combine our collective expertise to design and implement new or better applications. Accent Biotech has the flexibility to provide custom designed products to meet specific requirements. We strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and partner vendors, by providing distinctive quality products and unparalled customer service.

Our R & D is further supported by strong technical support team which is dedicated to serving customers requirements and providing complete solutions.

Accent Biotech offers your business an edge over competition by providing customised solutions.

Accent Biotech will back you up with
  • Technical information
  • Problem solving
  • Market information including best industry practices
  • Machine and process audit

Accent Biotech helps you configure the right mix of products and services for growth.

Product Range

  • Pretreatment
  • Colouration
  • Finishing
  • Enzymes
  • Speciality
Product Product Description
Sequestering Agents
Skobax AQS Super Concentrated dispersant and sequestering agent
Skobax AQS Cost effective dispersant and sequestering agent
Skobax AQS-N Neutral pH Cost effective sequestering agent suitable for Dyeing.
Skobax SDC Plus Specially designed proton donor and dye bath conditioner and iron chelator
Acrol DBC Speciality high temperature stable dye bath conditioner cum sequestrant.
Acrol MSD Excellent Dispersing agent, protective colloid with high sequestering action.
Acrol VIT Concentrated Dispersing agent, protective colloid with high sequestering action.
Acrol UD An Ecofriendly, organic product for protonic treatment of textiles.
Wetting Agents
Skodal DW Caustic stable low foam wetting cum deaerating agent.
Skodal OT Powerful wetting and penetrating agent which offers high cost savings.
Skodal MW Highly effective non-cresylic mercerising wetting agent.
Scouring Agents
Skodal D-JET Low foam, APEO free scouring agent and detergent with rewetting properties.
Cygnus ECO Detergent wetter specially designed for mild alkaline scouring of yarn and knits.
Skodal CBR 200 Detergent wetter specially designed for continuous preparation of cellulosic and blends.
Skodal CRD Cost effective wetting and scouring agent for all types of fibres.
Skodal CRD Conc. Speciality wetting and scouring agent for all types of fibres.
Skodal WAK Cost effective wetting and scouring agent for yarn and winch.
Skodal CLS Multifunctional speciality scouring agent based on clay
Skodal FSTR Powerful wetting agent cum detergent for all types of fibres
Skodal HPSR An efficient scouring and stain removing agent.
Skobil ND Modified organo-polysiloxane based antifoam compound.
Bleaching Auxiliary
Skobil PS /PSM Specially designed peroxide bleach bath stabilizer.
Skobil OPS Organic peroxide bleach bath stabilizer.
Skobil CORE Highly effective pH buffer for core alkali neutralisation.
Skobil PQ Inorganic peroxide killer designed to neutralize residual peroxide.
Skobil KILL Product designed to neutralize hypochlorite and alkali from the fabric
Desizing Agents
Acrol DOS Highly effective oxidative desizing agents.
Anticreasing Agents
Skobil LUB Universal crease inhibitor cum lubricant for knits processing.
Skobil ACA Speciality emulsifier and anticrease lubricant
Product Product Description
Dispersing Levelling Agents
Acrolev RDL Conc. Concentrated levelling agent for reactive dyeing of cellulosics and blends
Acrolev RLM Speciality levelling agent for reactive dyeing of cellulosics and their blends
Acrolev FBSF Eco-friendly levelling and migration agent for disperse dyes.
Acrolev DFT An effective levelling agent for dyeing of polyester and their blends with disperse dyes.
Acrolev DLP Dispersing and levelling agent for disperse dyeing
Acrolev BRT Speciality dyebath conditioner for sulphur dyeing.
Acrolev VLX Universal leveling agent for Vat, sulphur and direct dyes on cellulosics.
Acrolev ACR Versatile levelling agent for cationic dyes on acrylic
Acrolev SMK Versatile levelling agent for dyeing of wool, silk and polyamide with 1:2 metal complex dyes.
Soaping Agents
Acrol RSN Soaping off agent, Dispersing agent, protective colloid and complexing agent for reactive dyeing.
Acrol VIT TDS stable Soaping, Dispersing agent, and protective colloid for reactive dyeings
Acrol RSH Economical polymeric soaping agent for reactive dyeings.
Acrol DS Washing off agent for disperse prints
Acrol DNVL Reduction clearing assistant for disperse dyes
Fixing Agents
Acrofix NF Non-formaldehyde dye fixing agent.
Acrofix DF A cationic dye fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes.
Acrobuff ALK Specially designed alkali buffer to replace soda ash in reactive dyeing.
Acrobuff PBI An acid buffer system specially developed for polyester dyeing
Acrobuff ECO Specially designed organic buffering agent for dyeing of polyester and their blends.
Acrobuff PCB Multipurpose Buffer for dyeing, printing and padding of disperse dyes on polyester.
Reducing Agents
Acrol RCX Liquid reducing agent for reduction clearing of disperse dyestuffs in acidic pH.
Acrol MCL A novel dispersing and washing off agent for disperse prints.
Acrol ST Reducing agent for discharge printing of polyester and their blends
Oxidising Agents
Acrodye RA Mild oxidising agent.
Acrodye DOX Speciality oxidising agent for Sulphur and Vat dyes.
Oligomer Dispersant
Acrol OLG Weight reduction catalyst with oligomer complexing properties.
Wetting Deaerator
Skodal NF Wetting and deaerating agent for continuous and semi-continuous processes
Product Product Description
Kosbil SCX A modified polymeric softener for excellent surface smoothness
Kosbil CWS Cold water soluble cationic softener flakes.
Kosbil PET APEO Free secondary polyethylene emulsion.
Kosbil PU High molecular weight polymer for excellent bounciness and resiliency
Kosbil REACTI Reactive softener.
Kosbil NIS Nonionic, non-yellowing, scorch-resistant softener for cellulosics and their blends.
Kosbil SFC Amphoteric, non-yellowing softener and antistatic agent.
Kosbil YL Yarn lubricant containing secondary polyethylene and silicone.
Kosbil EPX A modified polymeric silicone softener for achieving soft, silky and elastic handle
Kosbil AB A premium shear stable softener for soft, silky and bouncy feel
Kosbil Elasto Elastomeric softer for woven and knits.
Kosbil KVS Excellent cross linking agent with built in catalyst for cotton and blends, based on DMDHEU resin
Kosbil ULF Very low formaldehyde content cross-linking agent for easy-care finishing of cellulosics and blends
Product Product Description
Biotiq HD Size Plus Concentrated bacterial œ amylase enzyme for desizing of starch.
Biotiq HD Size Cost effective bacterial œ amylase enzyme for desizing of starch.
Biotiq BPL Conc. Concentrated acid cellulose enzyme for biopolishing
Biotiq PQ Enzymatic bleach scavenger for removal of residual hydrogen peroxide
Product Product Description
Eco Powder Combination auxiliary for the bleaching of any type of cellulosics and its blends.
Ecodye Revolutionary auxiliary for One Bath Scour-Dyeing of Medium & Dark Shades especially on Hosiery and Yarn